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  • beulah888 12:47 AM on September 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    I Shall Be… 

    I’ll be the person I’m born to be
    I’ll not accept defeat, but
    I shall accept my destiny.

    Whether it is to live or die.

    I shall be faithful to me.

  • beulah888 5:27 AM on August 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Having a Laugh 

    “He climbed up into the garret to find his pearly whites.”
    Having a Laugh is a way to utilise the dictionary playfully while keeping my brain alive.  I used to do it a long time ago as a mental game or stimulus, but never in this way:
    Get a word and a phrase from the dictionary and massage them into a (silly?) sentence or phrase.  Use it to bemuse or astound someone and have a laugh!
    The new me intends to laugh more, and do all the pleasurable things I do in a new way. This should broaden and clarify my horizons adding a whole new dimension to Life.
    Expand on the good comforting helpful healthy aspects, and watch your life zing and sizzle!
    AND you will be learning something new each time.
  • beulah888 2:57 AM on August 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Word for Today 

    The Word for today is TODAY.

    Now. This present day.

    You cannot bank on tomorrow. Tomorrow is a myth; a figment of a collective imagination; a nonexistent state; an insubstantial unsubstantiated though or idea.

    All we ever have is NOW because Time is not a physical construct.

    Now, today, is the present moment of physical action, or stasis.

    Each keystroke I am making is taking place TODAY, now.

    Each keystroke is also utilising time. My NOW today time.

    If I lie in bed all day doing (action word) nothing, today passes, the NOW is gone with no active account for it. It does not register on the physical scale. It is almost as if I do not exist or am not presented in the physical world.

    So I would have “wasted” today, shortchanging the Time I have been allotted to leave an imprint, even a scar perhaps – a scratch – to say “I am here.”

    And when I am gone, my todays will end, becoming like “tomorrows”, unattainable. And all the todays which I had will be weighed and measured against all the imprints or scars I made in the physical world.

    And people will eulogise on account of those imprints, those scars – or scratches.

    I truly hope I have made a scratch, if not an imprint, with this post….

    Because it is all I have done TODAY.

  • beulah888 3:01 AM on June 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Health, Strength, Activity 

    It’s going alright with the new look/new me even if it a slower process due to the availability of funds for a real stunning makeover – have to be consistent in the change, so Manilos as they are not affordable.  I am buying and using stuff and colours I never would have, and you know what?  It feels good!

    Then I thought of Health.

    OK, new different accessories or the use of more accessories than was my prior custom, MIGH be giving me some sort of psychological pep (it is a challenge) but what about normal health?

    New me must use more and more varied fruit and vegetables.

    Try foods that are nutrient based and yet INTERESTING.

    So I am into keeping my normally fairly good health, but improving and ‘consolidating’ it while trying new culinary treats (across the board) to buff up the “new me”.

    Think of it.  It adds a new spice to conversation; letting others get to grip with the fact that:  ” You really are new!”

    So on to strength.


    Definition? For me it boils down to right diet, the right amounts of pleasing foods and drink, the right amount of sleep and relaxation, the right amount of wholesome fun and a good portion of laughter, the right amount of meditation/introspection (strength building self affirmation) and a positive friend or two.

    For it is all about inner strength and being positive.

    Then I can go on to activity.  The active things I do.  What are they? Are they self affirming? Character building? Helpful to me or someone else? Positive? Physically or mentally strengthening? Worthwhile??

    Think I might try cycling.

  • beulah888 9:51 AM on March 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Time to get to work.

    New look! New clothes, hair, style, accessories. New me. I don’t like false. I will do false nails. A decline in integrity? I love wigs and have worn them often. I love them. But I never associated them with ‘false’ as they were always obviously wigs. Nails are different, they are not as easily detected. Maybe I’ll buy some inexpensive ones and apply them myself, that way I am certain they will be detectable as false 🙂 and my integrity maintained.
    New habits: Jogging. Yes, jogging. I have never been a jogger/runner. I have a pal who has just given it up due to his knees. He is a few years older than I am. I was always a walker/hiker. Now I JOG. I begin by JOGGING a few hundred METERS at least 3 times per week. This is a start.
    I shall say a word of greeting to the chap who lives in the flat below mine. It is time. Oh G-d, I think I shall puke!

  • beulah888 7:50 AM on March 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    The Story Begins 

    Life is something else.  If we didn’t have it we’d be dead.

    Really, whether there is or is no “god” (and my intellect tells me there must be, i.e. a superior all-inclusive One, not unlike the Cosmos) life is all about progressing and moving  on in a way that takes us to a higher level – be it physical, financial, spiritual(?) {I concede life as the highest spiritual form}, or social.

    So the story begins.

    Firstly, I am in a new field of endeavour, well training at the moment, but training is doing in this case as it is hands-on workplace based training.  I have immersed myself in a new career.  The path is familiar as over the years either I have stepped across it, or taken a few steps on it for a short term. Yet never before have I thrown myself into it.  And I have done so with such gusto, enthusiasm and hope, and abandon.

    Having flirted with it in passing, I wonder now if I am behaving like a desperate lovelorn ageing female who is seeking satisfaction one final last time.  One last blazing effort at being happily attached to something or someone that will prove a real meaningful enduring life experience.

    It is my new beginning.  My new start after all the ups and downs and pitfalls, and slog of the years now gone, the past now dead.  So I “let the dead past bury its dead” and attempt happiness in a new, totally new dimension of life.

    Secondly, not only am I in a new area of job expertise, I am demographically relocated.  Yes, I am no longer in Hackney!  Horray!!!

    I have relocated to somewhere of which I have only a fleeting acquaintance; but somewhere, yes, I have passed with a former lover.  This make it nice.  The relocating, that is.

    The area is practically devoid of zombies.  This is an assurance of a sincerely fresh start.  I am a sincerely new person.  In outlook.  In expectations.  In health and fitness.  In aspirations.  In ummph pha!

    Fresh Start.

    The area is cleaner and more secluded; and comes with a far better physical apportioning and facade.  This for me means I have the pleasure of not only real and good-looking people about, but also pleasing gardens and refreshingly not-dull neighbouring buildings.

    The move has gone relatively smoothly, it has been assisted by wonderful friends and caring giving new acquaintances.   I have the benefit of not-so-nosy neighbours, some of whom like radio which is a plus for me as I can lie and listen to theirs when they turn it up in the evening – which they occasionally do- and smile my private smile of satisfaction. Purrrr.

    I am enjoying the new employment and workplace and even the staff there are a boon to new-job-training grumpy people like me.  They ignore me and get on with the work and thereby encourage me to do the same.  There is a slightly grumpy gal there whom I will not encourage.  She could get to me, and right now I am on a umph pha turbo boost of new beginnings COURAGE.  Well, at least she is not a zombie.

    I have a ledger/mote book and shall BEGIN to BUDGET more sanely and wisely, and strictly.

    Above all I am back into some painting and drawing etc.  My camera was stolen awhile back and I haven’t replaced it yet so not much photographing going on.  This will change as change it will.


    On To the Future

    I shall not look back.  I WILL not.

    I might at certain times remember certain things, for a time, but the past is not the present and cannot define something that is TOTALLY NEW.  New concept, new arrangement, new ME. 🙂


    I look forward to the future without trepidation.

    Share your story!


  • beulah888 8:50 AM on March 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    First Things First 

    In this stage of “new beginnings” the first thing is to set your own goals.

    So, out of a spectrum of possible things and activities to do, we set our OWN goals.

    These goals help us to ACCOMPLISH  and achieve the active successes of our new beginnings.

    I battle doubt at times.  Yes, I do.   Goals and personal reminders of my strengths etc. is often my only motivation to carry on living, carry on carrying on.  For the New Beginning(s) to work then, we set our goals and remind ourselves to aim for success in fulfilling them, BECAUSE we are capable.

    Capable of ditching the past and beginning anew….WITH FERVOUR.

    First things First

    Get to grips with reality.  Be BOLD and dive into the deep end of your life, your NEW life.

    I have dived into my new beginning.  With trepidation?  Perhaps, but I don’t feel the FEAR, so maybe not. 🙂  To quote another blogger, HarsH ReaLiTy:

    “I own what I know. I believe in what I do”.

    This applies to ALL my endeavours.


     HarsH ReaLiTy

    I spent a week away from my blog… well technically that is a lie. I am never “away” from my website, but I did force myself not to post. I spent a ton of time reading blogs and blogger thoughts. Of course after a week of doing that I have a few things to say […]

    via Blogging – Battling Doubt — HarsH ReaLiTy

  • beulah888 3:49 AM on February 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    New Beginnings 


    Begin NEW things.

    Closed doors need not be re-opened.


    Never bowled in your life? Go bowling!
    Afraid of water? Join the local aqua-exercise group and go once a week if only to sit by the pool or dip a toe in the water….
    Hate to cook? Invite a small number of friends to dinner that YOU prepare!
    Tell that AWFUL family member you like something about them or what they do, and send them a text each month for a year wishing them a great day!
    Start a NEW Community group to benefit others.
    Get a new weekly habit . Wine-tasting/Concert reviewing/Music listening/Book-club/Walking/Hiking,…
    Take flowers or some gift of love to that ONE person whose love you really really cherish and let them KNOW you appreciate their love.

    Be GOOD.

    Be BAD.

    Be HAPPY.



    Make it YOUR Spring.


  • beulah888 7:39 AM on February 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Journey Of Love 

    So I am strong. I have moved on. And I am not dragging the dead behind me. They are buried and staying that way for ever!

    Having moved on….and still moving on because Life is a journey and journey requires movement, the next step is to stand still. Be still and KNOW.

    The journey, – the movement -, encapsulating all that life is (physical, emotional, spiritual) has brought you to this place of rest. Of reflection. Of security. Of faith.

    Faith in yourself and all that YOU are.

    We MUST travel. We must enjoy the journey. Otherwise we stagnate and miss all the new interesting things laid out for us on this Earth. Whatever path we tread, life is interesting. Life is good. Life is beautiful!

    Home life can be a slog, but that is only one part of life. Find other parts. Make them meaningful. Then re-structure your home life. After all, we only have one life. Live it to the full….by loving yourself…because it is a journey of love.

    I have moved on. I am stronger.

  • beulah888 5:11 PM on April 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Home and family life: OK. Sex. Who needs it? I mean is it a need, a desire or a want?
    If you don’t have sex are you still lovers? If you don’t have sex is the family still viable? If you don’t have sex does it mean your home is less a home? What is “Home”? What is “Family”?

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