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    Affairs of the Heart–Walls 

      According to HackneyToday (issue 296 3 December 2012):  “Newington Green Unitarian Church has become the first religious building in Hackney to be approved as a venue for civil partnerships.”

    I have no partnership.  Neither civil nor uncivil.  Poor me.

    Writing in the 18th century, Mary Wollstonecra...

    Writing in the 18th century, Mary Wollstonecraft is often hailed as the founder of liberal feminism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    The heart is a walled in place that cannot be accessed by beatings, bangings, flatterings, flirtings, riches or penuary.  It is a sealed enclave of love, tenderness and life.  Its walls cannot be breached by those naturally unwanted.

    The walls of the heart is one yet myriad.  First there is the Familial Wall; placed there by birth and unchangeable. 

    There is within that, what I call the ‘I’ Wall. This wall is started at conception and developed during gestation.

    Then there is the Experience Wall.  This is developed over time and like walls in the physical world is sculpted and designed and redesigned until we have the finished product which is incredibly hard to alter, will withstand that which it is designed to keep out even if it takes a battering.

    Depending on the experience, which is guided by teaching, this wall can be impregnable in some cases.  Some may chip in places, some may crack but the Experience Wall that is securely constructed in sound teaching will not even be scratched by the fiercest bombardment.

    The next wall is the Wall of Friendship or the “Contact Wall”.  This wall is made up not of experience and teaching, but of close association and shared likenesses.  It too, once finally set and developed cannot be shaken, as its foundations are solid historical fact.  It is an intertwined, or somewhat plaited, wall, which, like wet hemp is flexible but totally strong.

    The wall most relevant to the HackneyToday article, is the Fellowship Wall. 

    This wall is meant to be the highest wall as it overshadows and permeates all the others.  This wall is the only thing which can shake  and/or redefine the others.  It cannot however, do so without the consent of the ‘I’ Wall as it is determined, i.e. constructed, by the ‘I’ Wall; strengthened by it and aligned to it at its central foundation. 

    Conversely, the ‘I’ Wall is itself determined, or finds its determination, in the Fellowship Wall.  It is itsef strengthened by it and aligned to it. 

    The Fellowhip Wall is more flexible than the Friendship Wall, but differently so.  It may circumvent, pass between, enclose, or exlude the other walls and/or that which lies within them.  It is equally as strong as the ‘I’ Wall and bears its identity. 

    A Civil Partnership is a Fellowship.  A Fellowship of an order with which some may still not agree, but at heart a fellowship nonetheless.   Whether these partnerships will stand the test of time is moot.  Not all so called traditionally accepted partnerships stand the test of time. 

    What does stand the test of Time is Unity.  What unifies is Fellowship. 

    Fellowship is that unifying Wall which holds us within our heart’s domain.

    English: Close up of a heart with arrows on on...

    English: Close up of a heart with arrows on one of the walls of the cloister of the monastery of Malinalco, Mexico State, Mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Maybe, just maybe, someone got something right in Hackney. 

    But then, Newington Green is not Dalston Lane, is it?


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    Jesus Christ! – 

    Jesus Christ! –

    via Jesus Christ! – FanBox.com.

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly.  Jolly ole St. Nicholas.  Jolly Santas with pot bellies (I WILL NOT) allude to any preconditioning of children toward obesity.  In any case I have seen some not so jolly Santas, and a dreadlocked Santa, (where else but Dalston Lane?) and he was white!

    Psychology prejudices and society. 

    The cultural aneurism that is Hackney is an anomaly peculiar to The UK.  Well then there is Wales, but not for much longer I expect.    Jesus Christ! is not about any of this.   Jesus Christ! – FanBox.com  is personal.  That is why I am sharing it.  And the video at the end is stupendous.

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    More On The Hackney Circuit 

    Dalston Lane

    Dalston Lane (Photo credit: sarflondondunc)

    Yes, the hackney carriage is jaunting around ye olde Hackney with its hack-kneed driver hacking his gob around the streets.  O.K., so I’ve got it in for Hackney.  Why not?  Hackney has had it in for me for years.  I can’t get anywhere in this place!

    Just back from a walk through Dalston Lane and its surrounds, again, and the best part of it was the one kind person I met and the crisp morning air.  Oh, and the fact that I got some exercise and bought me some fair trade sugar at a nearly fair price. 

    Dalston Lane runs straight into Balls Pond Road at one end, where it forms part of a 4 cross road with Kingsland High Street (or should it be High Road?).  Stand there long enough and you will get seriously depressed.  God knows why.  It is like a never-ending circle, a vortex if you will, of seeming possibility in an empty void.  Enough to make you slit your throat.  No wonder the people walk so fast and dash about and around at speed as though their lives depended on motion.

    On Dalston Lane there is the newly built CLR James Library, a Hackney Council institution where I can use the internet free for an hour but cannot access most of the sites I wish–bless ’em.  I can get books and CDs etc there on loan, well it is a Library. 

    I tend to choose the newer cleaner books even if sometimes I have no real interest.  Why?  The ones I’d really like are usually all smudged, well-thumbed, odorous and otherwise sensually repulsive with an historical repository of waste from usage.  Well it is a library.  And free.  Who am I to complain?  Oh for the joys of being able to purchase a new book which does not have the history of others’ tears and sneezes, and biscuits, and……is that coffee, or dog pee?

    Nevertheless, the new CLR James Library on Dalston Lane is an asset and a credit to someone and something somewhere.  It even has a winding staircase and fairly clean toilets if you can get into them in time.  Go before you have to go is my motto, otherwise you might do you business at the desk waiting for the Librarian key checker/keeper or just plain getting lost.  If I am on floor 2 why do I have to go to floor 1?  Where is the emergency loo on THIS floor?

    I think the Librarians love  me.  I give them something to talk about and moan about and occasionally smile about.  Oh, for the joys of having their job, or any job. 

    Dalston Lane is alive, new Overground and all, yet it is not alive.  The people flow as the traffic but the money does not.  Maybe blood has to flow to rid it and its environs of the detritus of the past.  Perhaps Queen Elizabeth should call in the Daleks and Dr…Who?….to deal with the time warp and the warped minds.  Might also fix my vision while he is at it, the good Doctor.  It is more than a case for Holmes, it is Elemental my dear Watson.

    Anyway I am not a minority here.  I am among the unemployed and too sane to be sane, residents of this woe-begone area.  If only the woe would be gone.

    Good ole Dalston.  What would I have to blog about if you were not?  I don’t have to love you, I don’t have to even like you, I just have to……

    As the old juggernaut that is Hackney jogs and jiggles along on its circuit, I end  with a few profound words:  “I am off to the Job Centre tomorrow.”

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    Click, And Buy It. For Pet’s Sake! | As Easy As A Click 

    Click, And Buy It. For Pet’s Sake! | As Easy As A Click

    via Click, And Buy It. For Pet’s Sake! | As Easy As A Click.


    Well well well.  We all have to look after our pets.  The scraggly dogs of Dalston need to be ‘put to sleep’ while the pets in our homes that take so little from us and give us so much affection should be pampered and loved.  No, this time I am not referring to humans or the dead, but the decaying sights we see around Dalston Lane.  I fix my eyes on the beautiful and aesthetic, but the scraggly dogs of the unkempt buildings (o.k. and some people) try to get in my way.  And yes, there are a few rejected animals that even Battersea can do nothing for and which should be referred to the RSPCA for removal.


    So. Love your pets.  Take care of them and take them for their constitutional regularly.  Most of all keep them away from the garbage bins by feeding them before that walk.  Pet peeves?  I have so many that the only pets I have are fish and a bird. Ah, the bird is still in the Pet Shop. I haven’t raised enough to buy it yet.

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