More On The Hackney Circuit

Dalston Lane

Dalston Lane (Photo credit: sarflondondunc)

Yes, the hackney carriage is jaunting around ye olde Hackney with its hack-kneed driver hacking his gob around the streets.  O.K., so I’ve got it in for Hackney.  Why not?  Hackney has had it in for me for years.  I can’t get anywhere in this place!

Just back from a walk through Dalston Lane and its surrounds, again, and the best part of it was the one kind person I met and the crisp morning air.  Oh, and the fact that I got some exercise and bought me some fair trade sugar at a nearly fair price. 

Dalston Lane runs straight into Balls Pond Road at one end, where it forms part of a 4 cross road with Kingsland High Street (or should it be High Road?).  Stand there long enough and you will get seriously depressed.  God knows why.  It is like a never-ending circle, a vortex if you will, of seeming possibility in an empty void.  Enough to make you slit your throat.  No wonder the people walk so fast and dash about and around at speed as though their lives depended on motion.

On Dalston Lane there is the newly built CLR James Library, a Hackney Council institution where I can use the internet free for an hour but cannot access most of the sites I wish–bless ’em.  I can get books and CDs etc there on loan, well it is a Library. 

I tend to choose the newer cleaner books even if sometimes I have no real interest.  Why?  The ones I’d really like are usually all smudged, well-thumbed, odorous and otherwise sensually repulsive with an historical repository of waste from usage.  Well it is a library.  And free.  Who am I to complain?  Oh for the joys of being able to purchase a new book which does not have the history of others’ tears and sneezes, and biscuits, and……is that coffee, or dog pee?

Nevertheless, the new CLR James Library on Dalston Lane is an asset and a credit to someone and something somewhere.  It even has a winding staircase and fairly clean toilets if you can get into them in time.  Go before you have to go is my motto, otherwise you might do you business at the desk waiting for the Librarian key checker/keeper or just plain getting lost.  If I am on floor 2 why do I have to go to floor 1?  Where is the emergency loo on THIS floor?

I think the Librarians love  me.  I give them something to talk about and moan about and occasionally smile about.  Oh, for the joys of having their job, or any job. 

Dalston Lane is alive, new Overground and all, yet it is not alive.  The people flow as the traffic but the money does not.  Maybe blood has to flow to rid it and its environs of the detritus of the past.  Perhaps Queen Elizabeth should call in the Daleks and Dr…Who?….to deal with the time warp and the warped minds.  Might also fix my vision while he is at it, the good Doctor.  It is more than a case for Holmes, it is Elemental my dear Watson.

Anyway I am not a minority here.  I am among the unemployed and too sane to be sane, residents of this woe-begone area.  If only the woe would be gone.

Good ole Dalston.  What would I have to blog about if you were not?  I don’t have to love you, I don’t have to even like you, I just have to……

As the old juggernaut that is Hackney jogs and jiggles along on its circuit, I end  with a few profound words:  “I am off to the Job Centre tomorrow.”