Another Day of Grumpy Me–In Hackney 

English: Dalston Lane, London E8

English: Dalston Lane, London E8 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A stone’s throw away from Dalston Lane is the Hackney Service Centre.  OK.  A very strong arm “stone’s throw away” but it is a lovely modern glass and tubing construction.  Umm. Ah Ahem!

Hackney Service Centre houses Registrars Service; revenues and benefits Service; children and Young People’s service; Adults and Older People service; Housing Needs service; and probably some other service of which I am not aware.  Phew!!  What can I say?  This place is home to me.

I spend more time here these days than in my little hermetically sealed place somewhere closer to Dalston Lane.  What with Housing and Council Tax being chief of my ongoing “benefits” of not having my own work, company, money, show (or life, perhaps), I often inhabit this bit part of the stage of life.  My  All the world’s a stage and I have to play out my part in Hackney, London.  Gods, give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well.

Frankly I’d rather be working here in this glass structure, than trying to get my Council Tax debt removed/sorted.  I’d rather be working anywhere than having to be forever (?) queuing to beg for social relief.  It’s o.k. for some, but it makes me grumpy!

Ah, so what’s new eh?