Baby Name Shambles: Prince George Is Public!

That ‘royal’ baby name is a shambles!  He isn’t Greek, Egyptian or French. He might be Quebecois, perhaps? No really.  He is just a george of the madness of King George sort.  Well isn’t he?

They're all mad I tell you.

They’re all mad I tell you.

He is of Cambridge shire is George

( there is not a Windsor)

and his auntie Pipster,

was delivering him,


and there checking him out at home

before the supposed real royalty.

And they named their baby

After a public Inn!

Ooo a shambles!  How gross, how common, how undignified!!

They were so quick to name him too!  Oh the immodesty, the utter shambles!  He is no Mountbatten and neither are his parents.  They have taken popular to mean common.  Well, o.k. as they probably equate populace with commoners.  I mean, showing your baby bump?  What’s next?  A Kate Moss shoot?  A note that they have the original placenta in the vaults of some crypt or museum. Ugh-gh-ha!

And as a couple punters have pointed out GAL is not monarchical.  Reminds me of a certain George Galloway or Galworthy.

He is a gorge, ah,  George!  poor thing (disregard the Bank of England) and will never be an Alexander or a Louis.  Bugger Bognor and Saxe-Coburg-Gothaand all that.

Hackney has its own Prince George already, thank you very much!  Actually, Hackney has a few Princes George and otherwise, as well as a smattering of Queens (drag n all) Dukes and so on.  .  One is on Parkholme Way, well it was last time I checked but being aged and grumpy and penniless I haven’t sought out the old bugger in eons.


Speaking of which, last I remember, the Prince had a small back room where you could pot balls.  And “Harry will make sure he has fun”.  Oh the fine times!

Anyone for a game of pool?