What’s In A Meal? 

 Bean Sprouts, Vermicelli, other stuff all on bed of lettuce and sauteeing in a sauce of sauces that taste of ginger, soy, and other stuff that tastes so overwhelmingly good you must get a couple wedges of the freshly baked, light, fluffy but crisp garlic enriched bread to soak up and…..I am happy.  I am in heaven for a moment.  I am better satisfied than, OK, at least as, an intimate encounter with a fine member of the homo sapiens species. I am at peace.  I crave nothing more than a fine wine (half a glass); a smelly cigar and a bit of further relaxation.  I am replete.

In a meal at Juno’s on Shoreditch High Street I encountered quality class expertise love knowledge simplicity joy pleasure.

Not quite Vietnamese.  Not quite Burmese.  Just ‘ease’.

This was a beautiful inspiring uplifting work of art by a lowly young chef that allowed me to kiss him (on the cheek of course) for him having made me so happy.   A hot stifling day blown away by perfection.

Well, well, well.

Hackney is still shite but the smell is fading in the aroma of the sauce that awakens desire and the substance of the ingredients that make the meal real.

And Shoreditch isn’t really Hackney, is it?  It certainly isn’t Dalston!

Time to be grumpy later.  Maybe.  I am still luxuriating in the flavours of Juno’s Chef’s £6 delight.

Perhaps it was the Sun, but for once I was in no rush to get home to my hermetically sealed place of detoxification.   In fact, I had to stop off at this dying library to blog about the meal.   It was some meal!!

What’s in a meal?  The power to shift your soul.

 Juno is at 134-135 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6JE.   Tell ‘im the lady that likes peppers said hello. (snigger snigger)