O.K.  I have been silent for a while.   I have just reblogged a post from elsewhere, but homeaffairsdotme has been silent since that meal

Well, I have this minute, or is that minuite?, decided that all may remain quiet at home (and peaceful), but not on the Ocean Front.

Home affairs are affairs that matter most, and sometime we should be silent and reflect.  we should try to reach a state of Peace or inner Tranquility before considering things close to us, and before taking any action on those affairs that are extremely important to us.   The more important something is, the more care we should take over how we ‘handle’ it.

My home is a place of beauty serenity and  therefore of renewal.  I do not want any dead flies in my ointment.

My home, yes, is my ointment.  It is that balm that soothes and reassures and restores me.  Dead flies, unlike dead leaves or branches  have no usage, or worth, or ‘beauty’.  They just stain and mess up the ointment.   Driftwood, I can handle.  Dead flies I cannot.

So I am taking the battle to these “Dead Flies” that keep pestering to be admitted to where they do not belong and where they are not welcome.  Not even for a ‘look, see’.

No entertaining the enemy I say.

I am instituting a Silence Day to have the Exterminator, Terminator and the Pest Comptroller deal with them.  I am instituting a new Government and a new way of Governance.   This means that all Pests, Vermin and the Dead must be permanently eradicated.

First the Oceans and Waters must rise and smother, cover, drown, and drag them away to the Depths where they belong…never to be heard, heard from, or seen again.  They do not belong to me or my home, or anything that is mine or of me.  Nature is a funny thing.   A true or pure Nature is an even funnier thing.  Some may even call it mad.  A mad Nature. Or madness of a sort that sweeps all away from before it.

Cyclone No.1.

The Silent World

The Silent World (Photo credit: Wikipedia)