Close To Home 

Read this (see below post link) and thought it was close to home.  Read the Comments too.

Close to Home.

Where the Heart is.

Where the heart of the Matter is being terrorised in mind by the FEAR of not making an appointment, not making an appointment on time; or as happened, not having had (‘notification of’) an appointment and still being sanctioned.   FEAR of …?

What is it REALLY  like for decent people to be on Benefits at this time, where a query may lead to removal by the Security Staff as any firmness or assertiveness, or a slight raise of tone (not voice) can have you out of the building in a flash and yes, recorded as not having attended if the ‘altercation’ arose before your attendence was recorded?

What is it REALLY  like to keep trying for jobs and not succeeding when almost every day you hear that there are ‘plenty of jobs out there’, where the online Government jobsearch which is compulsory allows you to apply for jobs direct, but DIRECT more often than not means being re-directed to an agency registration form where you sign up to receive job alerts;  where if you get an interview at the inopportune moment of being skint (family/friends worn out) you often cannot attend as, yes, the very places that sanction you will only RE-IMBURSE after travel done; where you have to lower yourself ever further in order to ‘please’ certain Advisors to keep on their good side as they do not understand fairness or professionalism, just how to be ‘bossy’ and condescending.

What is it REALLY like to be unsure if you will be able to pay the electric or gas?  What is it REALLY like to go without electricity or gas?

Whose fault is it?  Is there a Solution?  should we not follow the ‘Scroungers’ and rip-off the system if we can as we are all labled ‘dossers’ like them anyway?

Who really cares?

Where is it all going?

How did it get this way?

Close to Home (album)

Close to Home (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who Benefits?

If the Home is missing a Heart is it still a Home?







Benefit Sanctions Are State Terrorism And Must Be Stopped Without Exceptions.