Escape? There Is No Escape 

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There is no escape.   Hackney sucks the soul and then does not know what to do with it.

It is worse than Benefits Street, it is Benefits Borough.

Go on holiday to the world of freedom and niceties and genuinely pleasant people and then return to Hackney and slit your throat.


The Darkness overwhelms me

It cannot penetrate  me

It cannot overcome me

As I am blessed

With foresight.


The Darkness that is Hackney and its hack-need people overwhelms me with its hatred of all that is genuine or good about life  while  at the same time appearing to embrace it in new buildings and developments.  As if new buildings or developments  can erase the filth of  minds.

Refurbish the council flats and make them fit for humans but keep the piglets and cows in them!  How sensible is that?

Still filth of minds and filth of stairwells and overflowing garbage which tenants refuse to bag.

Still making out on the stairs, selling dope, sniffing coke, droppings of dog shit in the corridors; while they smash the potted plants and move the mats from outside your door.


cradle of filth


No escaping it.  Clean the housing  units, but still garbage as occupiers and tenants.  Help!!

The building and fixtures are worth more than those less-than-humans using them.   Chuck them all in the Regents Canal, and save the buildings from further abuse by these unhouseable scum.

Escape?  There is no escaping the fact that they escape workfare while the ‘softies’ get pressed into voluntary work.   There is no escaping the fact that Cameron and Clegg (et al?) have more in common with these than with the ordinary real person.  They themselves have a benefits mentality even if they are ‘politicians’ or ‘elite’.  They belong in Benefits Borough.  Scroungers all.  Living off the state of others.

My homeaffairs are in order.   My Home is at peace.

If only it was in a decent neighbourhood.   Maybe I need to escape Benefits Borough.  First I have to get off Benefits Street.

See you on TV.


There Is No Escape