In My Bathroom

Shit 005There are many things I do in my bath.
Brush my teeth is one of them; though I sometimes do that in my kitchen, or while checking that other things around the flat are ok.
Sometimes I even brush my teeth while glancing through a magazine as I wait for the kettle to boil or the bath to fill.

No, in my bathroom are the ordinary things that are of no great financial value, and that you may find in most bathrooms across the world.
Things like soap and shower gel and loofa and oils and scrubs.

In my bathroom though, there is a certain peace and joy that you will not find in any other room.
Do I take it there or is it there as part and parcel of the room?
Is it a state of mind connected to bathing and relaxing, and otherwise ” sprucing up”?
Perhaps there is that psychological relation, but the joy and peace are still there even if I am merely brushing my teeth for the night, or sitting on the loo.

What is it about my bathroom, any bathroom I guess, that you get such a sense of release and freedom that produces a joy pleasure and peace otherwise unattainable?

I figure it is because in my bathroom I am completely me.
Alone with myaelf in my nakedness, it does not matter that it is the smallest room.
It is precisely because of its size that I am forced to focus on me.

In my bathroom I come to my natural self as I do ‘Nature’s business’, and THAT fuses me with my nature.

If I cannot find peace in my bathroom, I cannot find it in me.

Especially in Hackney.