Too Late

A day past the deadline.   A day after I was supposed to have done it.   A day after.

I planned to write on the 28 and post to this Blog.  So here I am a day late and not caring a bit.

Why?  Well why care?

So many people in life do not care about anything.  Neither good nor bad, important or unimportant.  So why should I?

It is too late anyway.  And when it is too late to care, then there is no point in pretending sorrow or sympathy or pity or anything akin to regret.  It is too late!

Way back many years ago there was a radio programme that had those words as part of its opening spiel.  I have never forgotten it and often reference it.

It goes something like this:  “Too late–one of the saddest phrases in the English language”

Well today I am posting a day late and it makes no difference to the scheme of things in Life.  Does it?   It makes no difference to anyone reading this.  Does it?

I mean it makes no difference.

Yesterday, if I had done it yesterday, it may have been something else.   Maybe more interesting and better.   Maybe.

One shall never know.  Because one cannot call back a day or an opportunity.  It is gone, lost.

And don’t tell me that today is better, either.

Today we bear the pain of yesterday’s loss.

It is too late.

tooo late

evermore-it’s too late