Feeling Myself – No Apologies 

I’m feeling myself

I’m scratching my ass

Maybe got fleas

‘Cause I’ve been lying in the grass

With my doggie…

doggie didgereedooo

Now I’m feeling myself

Not lying in the grass

Feeling myself

Not scratching my ass

‘Cause I feeling fine

Feeling me

No doggie shite..


I own my own mind

And no dog can get it

So I’m feeling myself

and loving it


Yeah-eh, yeah-eh, yeah-eh!


With no apologies to what’s-his-name.  My lyrics and a bit of your riddim.  Now go scratch your ass and your head, you dog!

 (Not you will.i.am.  I mean that Dog William.  He thinks he can turn around, spin around and be God.)

Yeah, I’m feeling myself.

Here,use this