Eventually it happens. The EVENT.  IT.  HAPPENS.
An event is defined as
The event, it happens.
But hang on, eventually is an adverb (?) derived from the noun (?) event. So I do not need the IT.   Yep, eventually happens.  And that by definition.

Eventually happens that the year 2014 ends.  Eventually the year 2015 begins. Ha!
Now I have it.  Eventuality is not descriptive of, but definitive of what shall happen.
Soothsayers, Prophets, and Visionaries deal in eventualities.  Scientists, Analysts, and Staticicians/Logicians deal in probailities.  An eventuality is a certain empirical probability; yet, in all probability, not every eventuality can be empiracally proven.
Custom, habit, or historical cyclical happenings are not particularly given to empirical formulation. They reside in the school of Reason.
I reason, given my state of affairs, that I shall spend New Year’s Eve in bed here in England and not in bed on Barbados.

I shall go home to Barbdados.  That is the EVENT.  IT HAPPENS.


Not By Reason, or Science, or Soothsaying, but by Will….A whole next nother kettle o fish.