Home Key

Hit the Home Key and we are right at the beginning. Back at the top of the page. Right back where it all began.


Home is where it all begins.  Home is where all our recorded life on Earth starts..

When we reach the end of the book, a volume, the volume, of our life, we close it and hit the home key.

Close the book. Hit the home key – i.e. Turn the book over and look at the cover again, perhaps with a hand on the cover, a finger tracing the letters of the inscription or title, or the pictorial design; and ponder all you have read.
All you have done as recorded in that book or volume. Was it a good read?

Either way it is set in stone and cannot be altered. All that is left to be done is to put it down and, if it isn’t the last book or final volume allowed you, begin the recording of the next. Hopefully it will be better, more interesting cheerful instructive and full of love.

Hit the Home Key when we have come full square. There is nothing else we can do.


“From the cradle to the grave” we have to know when to hit the Home Key.

If we hesitate, if we falter, we may end up in limbo- in a no man’s land- a state worse than dead.