It Has Fallen!


Yep.  It has fallen again; and this time I cannot get it up!

This window, and two others in my hermetically sealed flat, likes to fall whenever a bit of fresh strong wind blows.  It can’t take the wind.  It lost all support years ago, and, except for the latch and handle, has no viability.

It is now caught,hoisted on its own petard, by the very latch that used to support it.


Yep.  The latch is hooked under the cupboard door.  I therefore cannot raise the fallen defeated spy-hole cover to its pretentious position of “security”.

How like life and homeaffairs.
The very thing or person that might seem to be there to secure and uphold us, sometimes gets caught; and gets us stuck in a compromised position. 

Yet, like the window, we might be spared the ultimate downfall, that of a splintering crash, by something or someone seemingly not as strong sturdy or dependable as that fickle latch. 

Yep. Had it not been for the clapped-out cupboard and its two-penny door-handle the spy-hole cover would be no more.

So, a few things, like in life and home affairs, remain apparent. 
A thing or person in position, regardless of how clapped-out, might someday save us from hitting the floor.
It takes a strong wind to prove true mettle.
Security is tenured pretentiousness.
Fickleness is not the preserve of the weak frail and or the seemingly undependable.

And finally,

That which we overlook or take for granted, like a cupboard door-handle, might be capable of bearing a great load.



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