The Job Centre Is Changing


Yes. More changes in the nitty gritty of the System.
More electronic technology to save, ah, paper and ink.

From 13 May 2015, at least one Hackney Office is “introducing an Electronic Signing system for Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants.”
How this will “ensure that Jobseeker’s Allowance payments are more reliable and secure” depends on why they weren’t more reliable and secure. Whatever, the “electronic signing pad” will rectify everything.

Robots behind the desks next.
That might be an improvement in some cases, but we can’t beat technology, so we may as well swallow the chip.


Stamp us with a number and scan our eyballs and you save every rainforest. Yes, because those electronic payments to our electronic accounts will soon BE electronic. No coins and notes. No need. Just swipe, touch, or tap, and go.

The Job Centre is changing. It is going universal, like its Universal Job Match system. All you have to do is Log In, Log On and when they are finished with you, Log Out.

If haven’t got a computer, you haven’t got a chance.

I need to retrain. As a Hacker. My only chance. Help!

P.S. You smug employed folk just wait. They’re going to electro-technolise your pensions and salaries ’til you’re spitting chips