It Fell Out! Again!! 


This time it came completely out. And took the cupboard doors, both doors with it. And did anybody do anything? Not for SIX days. Didn’t care about my safety or their security at all. Just tried to shift the blame on me.

Homefinders either blinded by their friend, the guy they call the landlord, who apparently belongs to their religion (sect) and is supposedly away to Egypt; probably looking for that expelled hook-hand cleric of theirs, or they just too lazy and Non-sensical to abide by truth or do what is right until …oops, the previous pictures and the present attest to fact: it was not repaired or fixed by any contractor of their busom buddy landlord. Neither was I responsible for the rot.

So yeah, all that time later, and only because the Council by way of the Neighbourhood Watch, asked a question or two did they bother.

Me personally, I gave up caring. I had a Notice to Quit anyway, have never been “welcome”, and well, tired of the intimidation and threats just thought, “oh well, let them get on with it”, at least they wont have to break down the door to “come in there and beat you up”, etc.
And too, it was refreshing having some air blow through the kitchen. First time in years. Ah the joy, the absolute pleasure.

So that is seemingly fixed, but still suspect when open (a treat) and on the latch. That wind that blows so strongly on occasion, still causes the window in all its newfound stability and security to tremble and shake like an old rotting inconsequential tree. Inconsequential? Perhaps an old rotting tree has more integrity. But the guy who actually carried out the job seemed skilled though hampered by (I suspect) the limited funds given for the repairs.

Oh well, who cares? Like I said, “Notice to Quit” and today the Court has a hearing.
Maybe I will be heard. Maybe.

We will see how it falls out.