Naturally I am natural. Like a Lee or perhaps an Ocean. That does not mean that I am wild. Never!

It means that, like all that is natural, I cannot change. Like all that is natural I can also adapt. I can also respond.

I can be calm, peaceful. I can be strong, beautiful. I can be forceful, vengeful and have times when I may seek to wreak havock.

Like Nature.

Naturally, it depends on how I am treated. On how I am cared for and how deeply I am respected.

However, it also depends on my “suns” and these can make me seem contrary to the uknowledgeable.

In places of hardship I may thrive, even without nourishment, because my “suns” feed me and the hard earth yields to me its water and its berries. In places of ease I may wither, even with honey and milk at my disposal, because my “suns” are far away and honey and milk cannot nourish my heart as they.


So naturally, I am contrary. Naturally, I am steadfast. I, steadfastly contrary, am natural. Like a lee river. Running constant yet not constant in rhythm or flow. Not constant in depth or undertow. Not constant in strength or degree of stillness, nor yet constant in, you know, contrary-ness.

That would be unnatural. Like a “wild” ocean.
The Ocean is never “wild”. Never! It is contrary.


A Lee is not “wild”. Never! It is contrary.
Not contrary to Nature, but like the Ocean, contrary by nature. By nature of its natural-ness.

What is Natural cannot be governed or controlled. It occurs or it does not. It is or it is not. It cannot be regulated. It is self-regulated. It responds. It does not react. Govern it? Control it? Its “nature” remains.

Those who know Nature, understand its contrariness. They know to accept its FACT. They understand to let it be that it is.

Understanding Nature, naturally one understands how to work within its ambience. When to carve a rock, when to move a stone, when to “pluck up that which is planted”.


Naturally I am natural. Like a Lee or perhaps an Ocean. That does not mean I am wild. Never!

Those that know me know this.

Knowledge is the KEY to Understanding me.