It Is Done

It is done! I was evicted by order of Court so that the so-called landlord could sell the Hackney tumble-down.
Am I angry? Am I bitter? No but no.  It was a relief to finally get out of there.  For good.
Some places and some situations are gladly left behind even if what lies ahead is blurred.

So I’m off in the blur and feeling  like a prisoner set free.  Amazing how a “change  is as good as a cure”.

Whatever happens, I am at peace.  My sojourn in that place and, perhaps too, in Hackney, has been an expensively irksome detour on my life’s journey.  For surely, such of my life’s highs or lows as were deemed necessary by the Gods could have been accomplished somewhere more palatable?  I mean, Gods I ask you, what was the point to some of the zombies and other detritus?  Had it been a film I would have switched channels.  The apparent needlessness of it would have numbed my brain.  As it was, it was not a film, nor a dream yet I feel numb; because life is not a dream nor a film and I can make no sense of it.  All I can say is my old placebo (is that how you spell it?) “The God’s will have their fun”.

Yes. I truly pray that they are so pleased with the fun they had, that they are sated and will consider the next Acts and Scenes of my life to be as a bed of Roses with no thorns.

I am fatigued. Nay, beaten.  Not by Life, but by Life’s Controller.

It is done.

I appeal to the Gods.