Humility My Booty!

O.K.  So I am o.k.  I am in my old home which is new and which, frankly, I should have never left.

Last night I had a bit of a reflective time with an old friend.  Someone with whom I had not connected in many years.

Back to back with that I had a discourse cum discussion (are those two words the same?) with my sister on what she terms humility, i.e. (according to her) lying down and letting friends walk all over your back.  In fact she advocates letting your enemies do it too.

But that just begs the question, what kind of friend would want to walk all over you?

So today I was thinking:  Why do friends be friends and friends be not friends.  What makes the difference?


Man in surrender pose

Sometimes you find you may have to say,  “Hey man, I am your friend.  Ease off!”

Thing is you might have to say it to someone you thought was a real friend who knew you, and then, KEBAAANG… they start treating you like if you are the enemy, and behaving as though they themselves are your enemy.

What turns the tide?  Where do we go wrong?   Is it we made a bad choice in the beginning and was just being fooled or fooling ourselves?

Or is it just Human Nature and if not ‘Nature’ then “the way of the world”?

What gives people the right to be friends today and enemies tomorrow?


Any answers?