Time to get to work.

New look! New clothes, hair, style, accessories. New me. I don’t like false. I will do false nails. A decline in integrity? I love wigs and have worn them often. I love them. But I never associated them with ‘false’ as they were always obviously wigs. Nails are different, they are not as easily detected. Maybe I’ll buy some inexpensive ones and apply them myself, that way I am certain they will be detectable as false 🙂 and my integrity maintained.
New habits: Jogging. Yes, jogging. I have never been a jogger/runner. I have a pal who has just given it up due to his knees. He is a few years older than I am. I was always a walker/hiker. Now I JOG. I begin by JOGGING a few hundred METERS at least 3 times per week. This is a start.
I shall say a word of greeting to the chap who lives in the flat below mine. It is time. Oh G-d, I think I shall puke!