Health, Strength, Activity

It’s going alright with the new look/new me even if it a slower process due to the availability of funds for a real stunning makeover – have to be consistent in the change, so Manilos as they are not affordable.  I am buying and using stuff and colours I never would have, and you know what?  It feels good!

Then I thought of Health.

OK, new different accessories or the use of more accessories than was my prior custom, MIGH be giving me some sort of psychological pep (it is a challenge) but what about normal health?

New me must use more and more varied fruit and vegetables.

Try foods that are nutrient based and yet INTERESTING.

So I am into keeping my normally fairly good health, but improving and ‘consolidating’ it while trying new culinary treats (across the board) to buff up the “new me”.

Think of it.  It adds a new spice to conversation; letting others get to grip with the fact that:  ” You really are new!”

So on to strength.


Definition? For me it boils down to right diet, the right amounts of pleasing foods and drink, the right amount of sleep and relaxation, the right amount of wholesome fun and a good portion of laughter, the right amount of meditation/introspection (strength building self affirmation) and a positive friend or two.

For it is all about inner strength and being positive.

Then I can go on to activity.  The active things I do.  What are they? Are they self affirming? Character building? Helpful to me or someone else? Positive? Physically or mentally strengthening? Worthwhile??

Think I might try cycling.