If music be the food of love, play on.  Sing on…

Now, music can take you on a journey.   It can make you think.

Now let us go on a journey…

Down ‘Memory Lane’

And see if we can remember

To forget the same….


The pain that made us forget

To remember……

Who we are.

Music is a soul’s own healer

It is an inspirer

It come s from within

Not from without

The soul.

It feeds on itself

Of its own accord

It can make you skip and jump

Even when you’ve grown old

and weary of Life’s travesties.

Somehow the soul knows

What music to play

It knows

It knows

The Soul.

Music is a Soul’s own leader

Leading where it will

Letting you know when to  move

And when to stand still….

And listen –

To the Music –

And the rhythm –

Of your life’s –


A Journey into the unknown


Of Self

Of Being

Of Soul.

And so to gather Strength

And so to gather Wisdom

And so


To go on….



And Loving..

Listen To The Music.