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  • beulah888 10:33 AM on September 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    September Remember 

    There are so many things to remember.   Where you put your keys, where you parked your car, the name of a person you just met… many things.   People often make a ‘to-do’ list of the things the have to do in order not to forget.  But where did you put that list?


    I don’t now where the saying originated, but September is supposed to be the month in which you remember.  Remember Allemand, remember Bosnia, remember Baslan…remember the Alamo.

    I always use September as a month for remembering.  To right any wrongs I may have done, or avenge any evil done me. Yeah, I am not truly a forgiving soul.  If you’ve had a whole year or more to stop your shitt, and desist from bothering me, then come some September I remember.  I agree that one should forgive stuff, but I also consider that there is a limit to forgiving and a time to act.  To avenge.  I don’t think any god or the Universal Ohm should have a problem with that.  I do not suffer fools gladly.

    September therefore, is a month in which to reflect sagely on things and life.  To plan and arrange for the future, should you be allowed one.  To make the Present clear!

    There comes a time for Justice, and Justice, like Love, is not blind.  Neither is Justice a ‘respecter of persons’ i.e Justice IS blind.  Blind to who you are or claim to be.  High or low, friend or foe, Justice will find you out and destroy you.

    What’s Love Got To Do With It?  Nothing.

    So, should Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump win the U.S. elections?  Don’t know.  Just let justice be done and be SEEN to be done across the board, throughout the world.  As someone  (Lord Chief Justice Gordon Hewart) said:  “…justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done.”

    This September, remember.  Remember to sow good seed.  Because it is true, you reap what you sow.  Some call it Karma.  I call it Natural Law.

    The wheels of Justice may grind slowly, but they grind.

    This September, Remember.




  • beulah888 3:22 PM on August 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: emails, frustrations, , internet, peeves, Technology, vexation   

    Trying to organize my email. What do you do when you cannot remember your password, and cannot get a verification code because you have changed phones and cannot remember the password for your backup email address?

  • beulah888 2:48 AM on August 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Humility My Booty! 

    O.K.  So I am o.k.  I am in my old home which is new and which, frankly, I should have never left.

    Last night I had a bit of a reflective time with an old friend.  Someone with whom I had not connected in many years.

    Back to back with that I had a discourse cum discussion (are those two words the same?) with my sister on what she terms humility, i.e. (according to her) lying down and letting friends walk all over your back.  In fact she advocates letting your enemies do it too.

    But that just begs the question, what kind of friend would want to walk all over you?

    So today I was thinking:  Why do friends be friends and friends be not friends.  What makes the difference?


    Man in surrender pose

    Sometimes you find you may have to say,  “Hey man, I am your friend.  Ease off!”

    Thing is you might have to say it to someone you thought was a real friend who knew you, and then, KEBAAANG… they start treating you like if you are the enemy, and behaving as though they themselves are your enemy.

    What turns the tide?  Where do we go wrong?   Is it we made a bad choice in the beginning and was just being fooled or fooling ourselves?

    Or is it just Human Nature and if not ‘Nature’ then “the way of the world”?

    What gives people the right to be friends today and enemies tomorrow?


    Any answers?

  • beulah888 9:05 AM on August 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    #00129: The Boy Behind the Mirror 

    10000 posts

    Have I ever told you about The Boy Behind the Mirror?

    We had a very big mirror in our living room when I was a kid. A huge, floor-to-ceiling mirror the covers the entire wall.
    I loved it.
    I would wake up every day before my family, and spend a couple of hours staring at the mirror. I was fascinated the symmetry the mirror provided.
    Everything I say in that mirror was the exact same thing in the living room, but completely opposite.
    My right eye became the left eye of that boy staring back at me in the mirror. He smiled the exact time I smiled. He made the exact same silly faces I did at the exact same I did them, but in the symmetrically opposite way.
    But the mirror didn’t show everything. There was always an end to what it can see (unless I moved around). But…

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  • beulah888 3:23 AM on August 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Here I Am 


    So Far So GOOD

    Well it is finished, it is over, and here I am.

    Seven months since I posted It Is Done and I am done with London.  Particularly I am done with Hackney.  I have absconded.  Gone AWOL.  Done a bunker.  Flown the coop.  Never to return.  Thank God.

    Thanks to the Gods too, and Life’s Controller, that the relief, the peace, nay the feeling of freedom, is profound and very real.  I have rested.  I am rested and getting fat.  O.K. the getting fat bit must be addressed, I must do some Zumba or something; but the rest relief and peace must continue.  Nay, but happiness must follow.

    The Zombies tried to follow but they got tripped and confused by the geography (zombies have no BRAINS and cannot understand Human life or “time travel” or mere normal movement).  They tried and got combusted in attempting to ‘travel through time’.  It is beyond their scope to comprehend that then is not now and that London is not where I am at.   So yeah, peace.

    Mind you, while getting lost in Transit, they tried to enlist and/or bully others such as they into continuing the detrititious (is that a word?) behaviour towards me.  How foolish was that?  They knew nothing of the place and nothing of the ORIGIN or ownership of the other zombies, nor indeed did not know that this type would rather zonk them than do me harm.  Well, at least not at their say so.  Ergo, they got zapped and wapped, and then frizzled and fried by their namesakes, and spontaneously combusted trying to enter the ‘real world’.  For you  see, they cannot SEE.   Me now, I knew it was merely a matter of time until they disintegrated &c.,  so I remained at peace and let them ‘self-destruct’.

    So where am I now? I shall not say.  Suffice it TO say, I still have not changed and I am still me.  My family will attest to that.

    My life’s journey continues.

    All of Life’s journeys are like Marathons:  In some places breezy, in some testing, in yet others seemingly beyond you.  Yet there are always water-stations scattered along the way; and for those who have the stamina, there is the joy, the satisfaction, nay the sense of accomplishment and, yes, pride in knowing that you did not quit, did not succomb to the terrain or climate, did not drop dead in shame but continued to the end…and crossed the finish line.

    I am reminded of that saying:  “The race is not for the swift but for those who endure to the end.”

    You see, life’s journey is the greatest most superior race of all, and to finish it with aplomb, yea even with style, is all that I ask of myself….and of you.

    Safe journey.

  • beulah888 7:40 PM on January 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    It Is Done 

    It is done! I was evicted by order of Court so that the so-called landlord could sell the Hackney tumble-down.
    Am I angry? Am I bitter? No but no.  It was a relief to finally get out of there.  For good.
    Some places and some situations are gladly left behind even if what lies ahead is blurred.

    So I’m off in the blur and feeling  like a prisoner set free.  Amazing how a “change  is as good as a cure”.

    Whatever happens, I am at peace.  My sojourn in that place and, perhaps too, in Hackney, has been an expensively irksome detour on my life’s journey.  For surely, such of my life’s highs or lows as were deemed necessary by the Gods could have been accomplished somewhere more palatable?  I mean, Gods I ask you, what was the point to some of the zombies and other detritus?  Had it been a film I would have switched channels.  The apparent needlessness of it would have numbed my brain.  As it was, it was not a film, nor a dream yet I feel numb; because life is not a dream nor a film and I can make no sense of it.  All I can say is my old placebo (is that how you spell it?) “The God’s will have their fun”.

    Yes. I truly pray that they are so pleased with the fun they had, that they are sated and will consider the next Acts and Scenes of my life to be as a bed of Roses with no thorns.

    I am fatigued. Nay, beaten.  Not by Life, but by Life’s Controller.

    It is done.

    I appeal to the Gods.

  • beulah888 5:11 PM on January 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    At Home 

    Always at home in myself.

  • beulah888 8:30 AM on September 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: esoterica, knowledge, me, nasa sun image, natural, , ocean, river lea, the mind   



    Naturally I am natural. Like a Lee or perhaps an Ocean. That does not mean that I am wild. Never!

    It means that, like all that is natural, I cannot change. Like all that is natural I can also adapt. I can also respond.

    I can be calm, peaceful. I can be strong, beautiful. I can be forceful, vengeful and have times when I may seek to wreak havock.

    Like Nature.

    Naturally, it depends on how I am treated. On how I am cared for and how deeply I am respected.

    However, it also depends on my “suns” and these can make me seem contrary to the uknowledgeable.

    In places of hardship I may thrive, even without nourishment, because my “suns” feed me and the hard earth yields to me its water and its berries. In places of ease I may wither, even with honey and milk at my disposal, because my “suns” are far away and honey and milk cannot nourish my heart as they.


    So naturally, I am contrary. Naturally, I am steadfast. I, steadfastly contrary, am natural. Like a lee river. Running constant yet not constant in rhythm or flow. Not constant in depth or undertow. Not constant in strength or degree of stillness, nor yet constant in, you know, contrary-ness.

    That would be unnatural. Like a “wild” ocean.
    The Ocean is never “wild”. Never! It is contrary.


    A Lee is not “wild”. Never! It is contrary.
    Not contrary to Nature, but like the Ocean, contrary by nature. By nature of its natural-ness.

    What is Natural cannot be governed or controlled. It occurs or it does not. It is or it is not. It cannot be regulated. It is self-regulated. It responds. It does not react. Govern it? Control it? Its “nature” remains.

    Those who know Nature, understand its contrariness. They know to accept its FACT. They understand to let it be that it is.

    Understanding Nature, naturally one understands how to work within its ambience. When to carve a rock, when to move a stone, when to “pluck up that which is planted”.


    Naturally I am natural. Like a Lee or perhaps an Ocean. That does not mean I am wild. Never!

    Those that know me know this.

    Knowledge is the KEY to Understanding me.



  • beulah888 5:00 AM on September 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ennui, , shelter, waiting   

    Outside The Shelter 


    Outside the shelter life goes on.

  • beulah888 1:07 AM on July 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , hook, landlords, neighbourhoodwatch, religion, windows   

    It Fell Out! Again!! 


    This time it came completely out. And took the cupboard doors, both doors with it. And did anybody do anything? Not for SIX days. Didn’t care about my safety or their security at all. Just tried to shift the blame on me.

    Homefinders either blinded by their friend, the guy they call the landlord, who apparently belongs to their religion (sect) and is supposedly away to Egypt; probably looking for that expelled hook-hand cleric of theirs, or they just too lazy and Non-sensical to abide by truth or do what is right until …oops, the previous pictures and the present attest to fact: it was not repaired or fixed by any contractor of their busom buddy landlord. Neither was I responsible for the rot.

    So yeah, all that time later, and only because the Council by way of the Neighbourhood Watch, asked a question or two did they bother.

    Me personally, I gave up caring. I had a Notice to Quit anyway, have never been “welcome”, and well, tired of the intimidation and threats just thought, “oh well, let them get on with it”, at least they wont have to break down the door to “come in there and beat you up”, etc.
    And too, it was refreshing having some air blow through the kitchen. First time in years. Ah the joy, the absolute pleasure.

    So that is seemingly fixed, but still suspect when open (a treat) and on the latch. That wind that blows so strongly on occasion, still causes the window in all its newfound stability and security to tremble and shake like an old rotting inconsequential tree. Inconsequential? Perhaps an old rotting tree has more integrity. But the guy who actually carried out the job seemed skilled though hampered by (I suspect) the limited funds given for the repairs.

    Oh well, who cares? Like I said, “Notice to Quit” and today the Court has a hearing.
    Maybe I will be heard. Maybe.

    We will see how it falls out.

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