I shite at night because it is my right to shite

Don’t tell me I must shite in the day, just because you say

It is the  normal thing to do

What is normal for you is not right to me

What is right is normal is right, you see

And to shite in the day, because you are scared

Is no reason for me to fear –  you.

I shite when I feel like

And that is at nite

When Nature naturally calls

You shit out of fear

Of the dark and the drear

Of your deadend dead-end state

And because all of you do it

Shit I mean,

That’s no reason for me to share

Your guilt your pain your sorrow or your air

For mine, my state

My ‘homeaffairs’

Are in order

Hence my shite

Though it is done at night

Is a sweet-smelling odour

Of natural shit.


Shits (Photo credit: davispuh)