A neatly deposited tape worm in a fresh pile o...

A neatly deposited tape worm in a fresh pile of bear scat *shiver. (Photo credit: Paul Williams (Iron Ammonite))


….And no worms in my shite either. Worms are a sign of something wrong with the shite.

My shite is pure.  Pure shite.

Worms can be good in other ways too.  They can eat away all the crap that mere shite can’t handle.

Thing is, if they are still crawling around in the shitted shite, then something is definitely wrong and you need to take some worm medicine.


Worm medicine is strong stuff.  It must be,  because shit worms are sturdy little buggers.




My shite is pure



Pure shite  I call it


Whether it be brown or black


Or streaked like a rac-


It is shite alright


I can smell it from a block




Smell it all day


And still it is like perfume


Not stinky


Or clingy


But light and refreshing




That “aaah” sound that I make


Right after


The event


Of a great shite


Such a relief


When you have shat


To have got that shit out –


And that’s a fact


Of life


So shit away


Whether standing upright


By night


Or sitting down


At the break of day


And know


That a shit


Is alright –


A good shite


Even better –


Just check that the worms don’t appear.