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  • beulah888 7:39 AM on February 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Journey Of Love 

    So I am strong. I have moved on. And I am not dragging the dead behind me. They are buried and staying that way for ever!

    Having moved on….and still moving on because Life is a journey and journey requires movement, the next step is to stand still. Be still and KNOW.

    The journey, – the movement -, encapsulating all that life is (physical, emotional, spiritual) has brought you to this place of rest. Of reflection. Of security. Of faith.

    Faith in yourself and all that YOU are.

    We MUST travel. We must enjoy the journey. Otherwise we stagnate and miss all the new interesting things laid out for us on this Earth. Whatever path we tread, life is interesting. Life is good. Life is beautiful!

    Home life can be a slog, but that is only one part of life. Find other parts. Make them meaningful. Then re-structure your home life. After all, we only have one life. Live it to the full….by loving yourself…because it is a journey of love.

    I have moved on. I am stronger.

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    Strong Is About Moving On 

    Nice post, this one.   Reminds you to be caring and strong.  Yet let us not forget being strong also entails moving on and not repeating the same formats or proven errors and ‘waste of time’ actions and yes, emotions.  Don’t hold on to negative people.  You are not “bad” because you finally turn a deaf ear to this incessant pleading and moaning.  Negative people do not want love or help.  They love being negative.  They just want you to be miserable like and with them.

    Know when to move on.  Know when to let go of ‘self’ and just be.   Selflessness is not selfishness.  It is the marking of a Warrior.; and a warrior is not a fighter.


    So read this post:   Embracing your wounds makes you a fighter.

    but remember to move on.

  • beulah888 5:59 AM on February 2, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Bliss vs Happiness 


    Bliss (Photo credit: Asiacamera)

    So now it’s a new year, a new month and I am re-newed.  On 1st Feb I had my ‘official’ birthday anniversary.  Oh joy!  Could have been better if I’d been anywhere but Hackney.  Brighton or Bath or Venezuela perhaps.

    I am older but moving toward younger….

    Today I am in the great Dalston Library (CLR James Library) where not one but two Library Techs/Librarians have been as usual tolerant and sweet to me.  One even showed me how to use the scannner.

    How did this come about?  Short story.  I started the year having fun at Hysteria Bar…I am reverting to young remember..got talking as I would, with some guy and next thing I am working on this Open Mic & Theatre night.  Well why not?  Keeps me from griping about bloody Hackney for a couple of hours at least!

    This Frendzy Open Mic thing has also got me going out more, Jesus!  No home computer so trying to beg time at cafes as well.  And here my friends, is where “Bliss vs Happiness” comes in.


    Happiness (Photo credit: Rickydavid)

    While waiting to get on the computer that has the scanner (only one for g-d’s sake! C’mon CLR get with it!) I decided to go get me a cuppa and a nibble.  NOT in the cafe downstairs but across the street at Bliss Cafe.  Droll place with foreigners running it but still bleak enough to be traditionally English.  Oh well, that’s me on a roll.  Yup, I had a bacon roll-£1.40- and a cup of tea. Bliss!

    While crossing the street to this cafe on the almost corner of Dalston Lane, I met a couple blokes with carrier bags full of sandwiches and what’s not.  Had a lovely lively conversational provocation waiting for the lights to change.  Lights didn’t change but traffic backed up so we jay walked across and our paths diverted.  Bliss!

    Opened the cafe door and stubbed my toe..no watch your step sign for the irregulars and unwary like me. Huh!  Then, joy o joy this  young guy in spiffing new expensive glasses wants me in his photo.  How can I resist?  I do.  No freebies from me today, Tom, (his name is/was Tom).  I get a cuppa off him, Bliss, and he get’s his photo.  I am not cheap but poor lad didn’t want to stretch to the baked potato. Umm. Well, he was doing his photography thing on his smart phone.  Smart phone. Umm.  I got his email address though…happiness!!  For an over and going down the hill IC4 female that is like, uh huh!  He is some 5’11” young blue-eyed great lips wonderful smile young lad (IC1 male) with a smart phone that may take him to fame and I—–have—–his—–email—address. Uh huh HUH!

    I am IC4 female, by the way, because I am icy for females.  Don’t get me wrong, I have friends who like the same sex but me,  I like my ozone to mix with that testhothsorone thing–even if I can’t spell it.

    Back to Bliss vs Happiness.  Bliss and Happiness are not the same.  One is sublime and one is run of the mill.

    I encountered Happiness on the way to the cafe.  I  experienced Bliss when I got there.   Two lovely men of about my age chit-chatted with me about snacks and went their way.  One handsome young man was polite, kind, generous, and gave me his email address!  What more could I ask for on a day like today when I contemplate the frendzy of my life.

    There is still some humanity out there.

    Even in Hackney.

    Have a good one!


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