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  • beulah888 3:49 AM on February 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    New Beginnings 


    Begin NEW things.

    Closed doors need not be re-opened.


    Never bowled in your life? Go bowling!
    Afraid of water? Join the local aqua-exercise group and go once a week if only to sit by the pool or dip a toe in the water….
    Hate to cook? Invite a small number of friends to dinner that YOU prepare!
    Tell that AWFUL family member you like something about them or what they do, and send them a text each month for a year wishing them a great day!
    Start a NEW Community group to benefit others.
    Get a new weekly habit . Wine-tasting/Concert reviewing/Music listening/Book-club/Walking/Hiking,…
    Take flowers or some gift of love to that ONE person whose love you really really cherish and let them KNOW you appreciate their love.

    Be GOOD.

    Be BAD.

    Be HAPPY.



    Make it YOUR Spring.


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    Journey Of Love 

    So I am strong. I have moved on. And I am not dragging the dead behind me. They are buried and staying that way for ever!

    Having moved on….and still moving on because Life is a journey and journey requires movement, the next step is to stand still. Be still and KNOW.

    The journey, – the movement -, encapsulating all that life is (physical, emotional, spiritual) has brought you to this place of rest. Of reflection. Of security. Of faith.

    Faith in yourself and all that YOU are.

    We MUST travel. We must enjoy the journey. Otherwise we stagnate and miss all the new interesting things laid out for us on this Earth. Whatever path we tread, life is interesting. Life is good. Life is beautiful!

    Home life can be a slog, but that is only one part of life. Find other parts. Make them meaningful. Then re-structure your home life. After all, we only have one life. Live it to the full….by loving yourself…because it is a journey of love.

    I have moved on. I am stronger.

  • beulah888 3:12 PM on February 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Strong Winds 

    The wind is blowing stronger.  In fact, now there are winds.  That’s right, winds!

    They are rustling the leaves.

    Stronger winds, blowing strongly, fanning the flames of fire.

  • beulah888 10:33 AM on September 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    September Remember 

    There are so many things to remember.   Where you put your keys, where you parked your car, the name of a person you just met…..so many things.   People often make a ‘to-do’ list of the things the have to do in order not to forget.  But where did you put that list?


    I don’t now where the saying originated, but September is supposed to be the month in which you remember.  Remember Allemand, remember Bosnia, remember Baslan…remember the Alamo.

    I always use September as a month for remembering.  To right any wrongs I may have done, or avenge any evil done me. Yeah, I am not truly a forgiving soul.  If you’ve had a whole year or more to stop your shitt, and desist from bothering me, then come some September I remember.  I agree that one should forgive stuff, but I also consider that there is a limit to forgiving and a time to act.  To avenge.  I don’t think any god or the Universal Ohm should have a problem with that.  I do not suffer fools gladly.

    September therefore, is a month in which to reflect sagely on things and life.  To plan and arrange for the future, should you be allowed one.  To make the Present clear!

    There comes a time for Justice, and Justice, like Love, is not blind.  Neither is Justice a ‘respecter of persons’ i.e Justice IS blind.  Blind to who you are or claim to be.  High or low, friend or foe, Justice will find you out and destroy you.

    What’s Love Got To Do With It?  Nothing.

    So, should Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump win the U.S. elections?  Don’t know.  Just let justice be done and be SEEN to be done across the board, throughout the world.  As someone  (Lord Chief Justice Gordon Hewart) said:  “…justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done.”

    This September, remember.  Remember to sow good seed.  Because it is true, you reap what you sow.  Some call it Karma.  I call it Natural Law.

    The wheels of Justice may grind slowly, but they grind.

    This September, Remember.




  • beulah888 6:24 AM on April 22, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    AT Home 




    Queensbridge Road

    Regents Canal

    London Fields……………….

    These areas surround me, making up not my ‘home’, but my Home’s environs.    Not my ‘walls’ by my Walls’ environs


    000_1056  000_1058 000_1076




    Dalston Kingsland


    Stamford Hill


    Old Street

    Mare Street

    Hackney Road





    Hackney Central

    Cambridge Heath Road


    Bethnal Green……..


    000_1038 000_1046000_1036

    No matter where


    They are not my environment, the thing which makes me whole;

    Not my estate – my place of being

    Nor that which sustains me

    But rather

    My inner self

    My family

    Those and that which is dear to me

    That which

    if I pluck up

    and take with me

    wherever I go…

    I will still be

    At Home.


  • beulah888 3:23 AM on March 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Too Late 

    A day past the deadline.   A day after I was supposed to have done it.   A day after.

    I planned to write on the 28 and post to this Blog.  So here I am a day late and not caring a bit.

    Why?  Well why care?

    So many people in life do not care about anything.  Neither good nor bad, important or unimportant.  So why should I?

    It is too late anyway.  And when it is too late to care, then there is no point in pretending sorrow or sympathy or pity or anything akin to regret.  It is too late!

    Way back many years ago there was a radio programme that had those words as part of its opening spiel.  I have never forgotten it and often reference it.

    It goes something like this:  “Too late–one of the saddest phrases in the English language”

    Well today I am posting a day late and it makes no difference to the scheme of things in Life.  Does it?   It makes no difference to anyone reading this.  Does it?

    I mean it makes no difference.

    Yesterday, if I had done it yesterday, it may have been something else.   Maybe more interesting and better.   Maybe.

    One shall never know.  Because one cannot call back a day or an opportunity.  It is gone, lost.

    And don’t tell me that today is better, either.

    Today we bear the pain of yesterday’s loss.

    It is too late.

    tooo late

    evermore-it’s too late



  • beulah888 5:32 AM on September 27, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    O.K.  I have been silent for a while.   I have just reblogged a post from elsewhere, but homeaffairsdotme has been silent since that meal

    Well, I have this minute, or is that minuite?, decided that all may remain quiet at home (and peaceful), but not on the Ocean Front.

    Home affairs are affairs that matter most, and sometime we should be silent and reflect.  we should try to reach a state of Peace or inner Tranquility before considering things close to us, and before taking any action on those affairs that are extremely important to us.   The more important something is, the more care we should take over how we ‘handle’ it.

    My home is a place of beauty serenity and  therefore of renewal.  I do not want any dead flies in my ointment.

    My home, yes, is my ointment.  It is that balm that soothes and reassures and restores me.  Dead flies, unlike dead leaves or branches  have no usage, or worth, or ‘beauty’.  They just stain and mess up the ointment.   Driftwood, I can handle.  Dead flies I cannot.

    So I am taking the battle to these “Dead Flies” that keep pestering to be admitted to where they do not belong and where they are not welcome.  Not even for a ‘look, see’.

    No entertaining the enemy I say.

    I am instituting a Silence Day to have the Exterminator, Terminator and the Pest Comptroller deal with them.  I am instituting a new Government and a new way of Governance.   This means that all Pests, Vermin and the Dead must be permanently eradicated.

    First the Oceans and Waters must rise and smother, cover, drown, and drag them away to the Depths where they belong…never to be heard, heard from, or seen again.  They do not belong to me or my home, or anything that is mine or of me.  Nature is a funny thing.   A true or pure Nature is an even funnier thing.  Some may even call it mad.  A mad Nature. Or madness of a sort that sweeps all away from before it.

    Cyclone No.1.

    The Silent World

    The Silent World (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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    Baby Name Shambles: Prince George Is Public! 

    That ‘royal’ baby name is a shambles!  He isn’t Greek, Egyptian or French. He might be Quebecois, perhaps? No really.  He is just a george of the madness of King George sort.  Well isn’t he?

    They're all mad I tell you.

    They’re all mad I tell you.

    He is of Cambridge shire is George

    ( there is not a Windsor)

    and his auntie Pipster,

    was delivering him,


    and there checking him out at home

    before the supposed real royalty.

    And they named their baby

    After a public Inn!

    Ooo a shambles!  How gross, how common, how undignified!!

    They were so quick to name him too!  Oh the immodesty, the utter shambles!  He is no Mountbatten and neither are his parents.  They have taken popular to mean common.  Well, o.k. as they probably equate populace with commoners.  I mean, showing your baby bump?  What’s next?  A Kate Moss shoot?  A note that they have the original placenta in the vaults of some crypt or museum. Ugh-gh-ha!

    And as a couple punters have pointed out GAL is not monarchical.  Reminds me of a certain George Galloway or Galworthy.

    He is a gorge, ah,  George!  poor thing (disregard the Bank of England) and will never be an Alexander or a Louis.  Bugger Bognor and Saxe-Coburg-Gothaand all that.

    Hackney has its own Prince George already, thank you very much!  Actually, Hackney has a few Princes George and otherwise, as well as a smattering of Queens (drag n all) Dukes and so on.  .  One is on Parkholme Way, well it was last time I checked but being aged and grumpy and penniless I haven’t sought out the old bugger in eons.


    Speaking of which, last I remember, the Prince had a small back room where you could pot balls.  And “Harry will make sure he has fun”.  Oh the fine times!

    Anyone for a game of pool?

  • beulah888 6:17 AM on July 24, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Royal Baby Shambles 

    I am so depressed.  Down in the dumps.  What with a ton of baby, a big-headed boy from his balding and big-headed daddies newly out into the public arena. 

     That’s right.  His daddies.  Not one but two.  One dumber than the other.  One with a tad more hair than the other (not under the armpits though) but just as dumb.  One not truly a daddy as one was not truly his daddy and I am going back to bed to weep.

    Welcome to the world of dis-order and confusion that is a Baby shambles.  Before he can toddle.  They shamble.


    O.K.  It is I, of the hateful nature wanting Kate and her 2 ton son to…, ah, basically go away.  For ever.  And take his daddies and the rest of them with you.

    My life is so real that I cannot fathom yours and cannot even desire it.  To me, your life would be death.

    So I live on this Council Estate with no car and no baby and a bloody lot of  rejects, and crack-heads.  So I do not have enough money to purchase a new and unused blanket.  So I cannot  pretend even that I find you or your hubby even vaguely interesting, worthwhile or worth looking at.  So I am unable to not use even twice in one short sentence.  So what?!

    Go shut yourselves up in that Tower and never come out.  Hackney is bad enough without you lot being splattered all over everything………….  Ooh.  On second thoughts, you lot being splattered…….

    You lot being plastered all over the bleeding Hackney circuit is all I could want.

    Ain’t it. (?) Innit?  Ennet?

    And it is Cockney Heritage Week or some such as well.

    I am pissed to the max.

    Cockney King'sCockney King’s (Photo credit: kennymatic)

    Stay out of my vision, sight, hearing, in fact all of my senses.

    Stay out of the blithering newspaper.  I do not want to see your picture on the front back or any page of my cheap and free local rags.  Have you no morals, respect or even the pretense of dignity?  Sheesh!!

    Take your cannonball of a baby, stuff him in a cannon and shoot him off to Wales.  That is to where he belongs.  Get it?

    Now why not name him Charles Walford Wales the 5th?

    What a shambles.  Who ever heard of an 8lb+ Royal Baby?  G-d!  You ought to be ashamed.  Can’t hide it now!!

    Me?  I am off and running.  The juggernauts are coming.

  • beulah888 3:50 AM on July 19, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    So I Am still Here, Love 

    Yes I am still here. Traipsing around Hackney, re-visiting a couple of ‘Drop-Ins’ that I got familiar with when I was homeless a few years ago. Now that the new Council Tax legislation has reduced me I thought I’d use, or had to use, these soup kitchen open door places. Much improvement since my day a homeless louche.  O.K.  So I wasn’t a louche as I was never shady,dubious, or disreputable, but I was homeless. And that by societal definition makes you a louche.

    I am still here in Hackney wondering why.

    Not why was I homeless all those years ago for so many years at different times.   That is a long convoluted story full of innuendo, conspiracy theories and facts.  As they all are I suppose.

    No, I am wondering:  “Why am I still in Hackney?”   I mean, can’t I go elsewhere?  Move house?  Oh, I don’t own one.

    O.K.   Visit friends and relatives for this great hot Summer?  Friends?  Ah, I owe them money.   Oops.    Relatives?   All in other countries, and I have no money.

    The circle is completed.

    Money it is.   Love makes the world go around, and so it should, but money makes us enjoy the world a bit more. Money is not the root of all evil.  The love of money is though.

    I would love to have some money to pay off bills and enjoy a few paid gigs.  I would love to have some money to give to certain people and to repay a few others.  I would love to have some money so that I could go on holiday.

    What holiday?  I do not have a job.   I am permanently on holiday actively seeking gainful (read paid) employment.

    Would I enjoy the world a bit more if I had money?  Oh yes!  I would be able to spend days if not months away from the hole that is Hackney. That would make me enjoy the world a bit more.

    Right now as Hackney is (G-d help me!!) the only world I get to enjoy I am beginning to get obsessed with the need for money. ‘Bout time too.

    I am also getting older and incrementally disinclined to revamp my CV or even polish up or get a skill.   I am applying for jobs and trying catalogue distribution. Not much there.

    I am feeling retired.  Put out to pasture.  Left to graze the meager tufts jutting between the rocks of a hard place.  (Am I a writer or what!?)

    Seriously, I am still here, in Hackney watching the new developments spring as I wait for the Summer’s Sun to  burn the carcass of my dead past.  In doing this the Summer’s Sun has enabled me to address some ‘home affairs’ and I am once again communicating with particular family and old friends.

    They are particular in that I love them even though I have not been in contact for over a decade. They are particular in that they didn’t give a rat’s fart about that and are phoning me up weekly. They are particular in that they love me more than money or the world it seems. And that is nice.

    Oh! If only I could escape the Hackney carriage of dole and ride on a star.  Or maybe an aeroplane.

    Yes, I am still here, love, and life is beautiful.  And not even the Hackney zombies can change that.


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